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Bravado is...

. . . acting as the person you want to be, despite your fears, so you can permanently become your ideal self. It is following your passions, embracing uncertainty, and choosing opportunity over fear every time.


The Foundation

A Bit of Bravado is a self improvement blog, founded on the idea that life is meant to be lived without "What If's", We recognize that life is short, time is limited, and opportunity waits for no one.

With this in mind, we aim to create the most strategic and effective self improvement methods to close the bridge between 'who you are' and 'who you want to be.'

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And who am I?

I’m Taylor Harrison and I believe that life is way to short to be lived with regrets. I'm an old soul with a passion to make the most out of life..

For a majority of my life, I lived in the shadows of other people's lives, never believing that I could have that same happiness as well. It wasn't until I heard the Lorde song, Bravado, that I realized I didn't want to leave this world without knowing I lived a life that as meaningful and authentic as possible. 

I am scared, nervous, and completely uncomfortable as I am finding my footing in this world, but I refuse to let fear stop me from taking the next step. And now I want to help you do the same.

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My Education

With my studies of psychology at Cal State Long Beach, my own life experience, plus mastery courses to become an Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, meaning learning how your brain works to overcome mental roadblocks, I am well equipped to help you develop into the person you've wanted to be.

Whether you want to create a more resilient mindset, dress the way you've always want to look, or create an environment that represents the true you, I can guide you on the path to a complete life transformation.


Ready to create your ideal lifestyle?

I live by the quote, “You Are Entirely Up to You”, meaning that its your responsibility to make your life an extraordinary one. The possibilities in life are endless once you realize that you get to write your own life story, so make it a good one. 

If you are ready to have a life that represents your authentic self, be bold in your pursuit of purpose, and finally stop holding yourself back and live an unapologetic life, sign up below for the upcoming signature course, BECOME. 

First, you will answer an in-depth self analysis into who you are currently and how you ended up in this dissatisfied state.

Then, you learn science-based tools that will help you transform areas of your life to match your ideal self image, such as appearance, environment, mindset, relationships, and more,

Finally, you will create a new self image and a 30 day plan to incorporate the new knowledge into your life.

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While you wait...

As BECOME. completes its final testing, I'll send you a free complimentary workbook titled, Pinpoint Your Passion. With 25 detailed questions that will uncover the root of your passion, you will be able to confidently identify your interests so you can use it to cultivate creativity and purpose in your life everyday.


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