Why You Should Wash Your Face with Oil

       Ever since you got your first pimple in middle school, you’ve been told that oil is bad for your skin. You’ve bought plenty of products that promised to “cut through grease” and are “oil free” but these are actually causing you to have breakouts in the first place. When your natural oils are stripped from your face by harsh face cleansers, your skin dries out and produces even more oil to compensate for the oil lost. This not only leads to an increase in oil, but also bacteria and acne. But what if I told you that cleansing with oil could be the answer to getting the flawless skin you’ve always dreamed of?

      The Oil Cleansing Method is the process of washing your face with oil and steam to loosen deep impurities that are stuck in your pores. This method also balances the oils in your face by washing away old, bacteria filled oils and replacing them with healthy, healing oils that fight acne naturally.

The cleansing oil is a mixture made from two main oils.

      The first oil used is castor oil, which is a thick, dry oil that has anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. This oil can easily be found at any drugstore in the laxative aisle. The second oil is a carrier oil, such as coconut, olive, almond, sunflower, or any cold pressed seed, nut, or plant oil. This secondary oil is needed to add extra nutrients and to thin out the thick castor oil so it does not over dry the face (yes, an oil can dry out your skin, who knew?). More oils can be added to enhance the healing effects, such as tea tree, peppermint, or lavender oil, but these main two are needed for the basic mixture.

Depending on your skin type, the ratio of the oil mixture will differ.

Dry Skin: 10% castor oil, 90% carrier oil (argan or jobaba)

Normal Skin: 20% castor oil, 80% carrier oil (almond or sunflower)

Oily Skin: 30% castor oil, 70% carrier oil (rosehip, or grapeseed)


The Cleansing Process

You will need your oil mixture, hot water, and a face towel

1.      Pour a generous amount of oil into your hand and begin to massage it into your face for 2 to 5 minutes depending your preference

2.      Use a clean face towel and soak it in very warm water and place the towel over your face to allow the steam to open your pores. Leave it until it has completely cooled

3.      Repeat Steps 1 and 2 twice more

4.      Gently wipe the oil away with a cold towel

5.      If your skin feels dry, take a couple drops of your oil mixture and massage it into your face.


Some of the main benefits of using the Oil Cleansing Method include

·         Smoother, softer skin

·         Reduced acne breakouts

·         Balanced oil production

·         Even toned skin

·         Helps prevent aging

For some, there may be a small purging process in the beginning as the oil brings up old bacteria in your face, but once it’s over the breakouts should dramatically decrease. The Oil Cleansing Method works for all skin types and is a healthier and natural alternative compared to harsh, chemical face washes. Try out this method and see for yourself!

Can’t wait to hear how this method has helped you with your skin concerns. Let me know in the comments!