How to Exercise (Even When You Really Don't Want To)

       Being in your 20’s means you still have a high metabolism and, for the most part, have relatively fit bodies (we're supposed to protect our six packs with a small layer of fat, right?). So thinking that we’ll probably gain weight or run into some potential health risks in the future is kind of hard to imagine.

       It’s important to take the first steps in taking care of our bodies now before its too late later on. Not just to look good to society's standard (because not everyone can be a size 2) but to prevent other health problems in the future, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. I know some of you get dizzy just at the idea of running on a treadmill for 30 minutes so, lucky for you, I will share 4 simple tips to sneaking a workout into your everyday life.



       When you’re out shopping at the mall, park a bit further than you usually would. The added walk is good cardio and it will probably be easier to find parking anyways.

       Once you’re in the mall, skip the escalator and take the stairs. The trek upstairs is also extra cardio and works out your legs. You may be a little tired once you reach the top, but it will get easier the more times you do it. You can even get in an arm workout by carrying your heavy bags filled with clothes back to the car when you’re done (a girl can dream).



       It’s already hard enough to motivate yourself to exercise so why make it any more difficult? Grab a friend and  lovingly force them to workout with you. It will be funny to watch each other struggle together during your first couple work outs and then see your bodies transform as you continue to go. You could even make it a competition for a little extra motivation.



       Carving out time specifically for working out can be difficult (I mean I have Netflix marathons I need to watch first!). So exercise while you’re getting for your day. Do squats while brushing your teeth, jog in place while cooking an omelet, or do lunges while walking around your house. It kills two birds with one stone and can energize you for the rest of your day.



       If you want to do a harder workout than exercising around the house, but are too tired to get up in the morning, I've got just the solution. Sleep in your workout outfit. Instead of putting on your PJ’s for bed the night before, wear your workout gear so all you have to do is wake up go run a lap around your neighborhood. It cuts out the hard part of picking out an outfit in the morning and will motivate you to get up since you’re already ready.


5.     Walk at the Beach

       Take a long walk on the beach... no seriously. As your feet sink into the soft sand, it will tone your legs as your body tries to balance itself on the uneven surface. Bring a friend, blanket, and healthy snack along to take a rest once your trek is through.



Let me how you’ve used these tips in the comments below!