You are Not for Everyone

I first realized this idea in high school when my best friend decided to write a poem about how I was like a sweltering summer heat that he couldn’t get away from. Basically saying, I was annoying and smothering him with my love (Yes, he was an asshole. Yes, we are still friends).

Looking back at it, he was right. But after that brutal wake up call, I realized I am a naturally intense person.

I love meal prepping and have a meticulous facial routine. I plan things to the hour and love others with my heart on my sleeve. I’m an 80 year old in a 20 year old’s body. It’s taken some time, but I’ve learned to love my old soul.

Are you the mama hen of your group, taking care of everyone on drunken nights? Or maybe you’re the one who’s passed out on the couch after a wild night. Do you use song lyrics to reveal your deepest thoughts? Or are you one to divulge your life story to the nearest stranger? Are you a neat freak or one who prefers disorganized organization? Whatever your quirk is, here’s my message to you.

There’s nothing wrong with you.


I can’t tell you how many times I wish I could not worry about every little thing and just feel normal, but this is my normal. The one thing we may hate most about ourselves is the really just the unique power we’ve been given to change our world. We all express ourselves in different ways.

My intensity helps me stay a step ahead of the crowd. A sensitive soul naturally has the tenderness needed to help those who need it most. And drunken party goers are gifted with the enthusiasm to live in the moment and liven up a party. Plus, those wild nights will make for a good story one day (just stay safe and responsible please).

Your mannerisms may seem strange or weird to those looking in from the outside. But if they work for you, then that’s all that matters. Instead of trying to hide that parts of you that make you different, be bold and put them front and center!

There is no point in suppressing who you are. I mean, what would actually happen if you tried to change for someone? Will you get a reward? Would they throw an extravagant party once you’ve met their expectations? At most, you’d get praise for being a watered-down version of your true self.

You will never please everybody. You will be too happy-go-lucky, use too many curse words, spend too much time alone, or anything else someone can find wrong with you. Trying to please the world will make you strip away everything that makes you who you are. And in the end, it still won’t be enough.

So, you are not for everyone, and you were never meant to be. You are not for the ones who ghost you after a first date, or the cat callers who consider whistling a compliment. You are not for the bosses who think a woman wouldn’t be a good fit for the job or the parents who consider you a failure for not being married with children by 25.

You are for the ones who appreciate hard work and dedication, no matter the gender. You are for the ones who will uplift you in the face of difficult times and stand by your side during the storms. You are for the ones who unconditionally love you for exactly who you are. Because they wouldn’t want you any other way.

The only reasons you should ever change who you are is if you feel that you’ve outgrown those old mannerisms or in certain circumstances (being disorganized probably won’ t help at your office filing job). And if you do find that you’ve outgrown your old traits, that doesn’t mean you were faking who you were before. Your core values may stay the same, but the way you express them to the world may be different because of the many experiences you encounter.

People will begin to accept you when you learn to accept yourself. Your confidence and self-accepting attitude will not only inspire others, but it will also draw like-minded people to you. Aim to be your best self every day and, I promise, your life will change.

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