11 Things You Should Do (at least) Once a Year


We all get stuck in that routine

       Go to school, work, gym, do laundry, clean the house, walk the dogs... you get the point. In all the chaos that is our daily lives, it's important to take a step back and assess what we need for ourselves. You must first fill yourself up, before you can give to others. For one moment, stop saving the world and, instead, take care of yourself.

       In order to do that, we must take care of some of the essential aspects that make up our lives, such as physical, emotional, and spiritual health. At least once a year remember to spoil yourself. Yes I said spoil! Not spoil in the typical sense of buying yourself ice cream after a good workout, but something a little deep in the sense that you are taking the time to nurture your body, mind, and space around you. Doing this will let you live life in the more optimal way possible. Some of these tasks may seem tedious or unnecessary, but once completed, they will add peace to your life and a sense of control.  

Here are 11 tips to simplify your life this year 


1.      Get Rid Of Old Clothes

       You know that closet that's stuffed with clothes, shoes, and purses? The one where is takes you 5 minutes to find the right black top in the morning because they all look the same? Clear out your space by getting rid of clothes you don't wear anymore. Get rid of the clutter by donating them to family members, a good organization, or hosting a yard sale. Getting rid of the excess will help you create a cleaner space that won't overwhelm you every time you open the closet door.

       Then with the remaining clothes, organize them by color, season, style... whatever you want! Just have a system that makes sense to you and will save you time in the morning. Buy a shoe rack to keep them organized so you're not leaving the house with only one shoe in the morning. Attach Command strip hooks to to hang purses or belts on the wall to make your closet even more spacious. This simple step will give you extra time in the morning so maybe you'd actually have time to eat breakfast in the morning.


2.      Go Somewhere New

       Break up your daily routine and experience something new. Whether it’s a new restaurant, plaing hookie to see a movie, going on a spontaneous spa trip, or visiting a new city. Just do something you’ve never done before.

       If you want to travel, try going to a different state. Calculate the expenses needed and start a saving fund just for your trip. Want to stay local? Have a staycation and find some of the underground attractions your city has or some mainstream places you've never been to.

       Don't want to travel at all? Well then just try a new experience in general! Go to the movies alone, visit that weird store in the mall you always walk past, or walk somewhere you usually drive to. Change is good, go out and explore.


3.      Give Back

       Compared to a lot of people in the world, most American's are pretty well off. 'Saving the World' is a big task to ask of anyone, so just start locally. Read a book to children at the county library, go to a beach clean up, or cook a meal at a soup kitchen. Do this actions expecting nothing in return. They may seem like small actions, but the have a huge impact on those receiving your service. You never know how you'll be a blessing in someone else's life.

       Most of these volunteer events would only take a couple hours out your day and you’d feel good knowing you’re impacting someone else’s life. We consume a lot in this world, like food, media, and resources, so it's important to remember the 50/50 rule. Consume 50% of resources daily and produce 50% to give to someone else.


4.      Get High

       …on a hilltop that is (ba dum tsss). But seriously, go somewhere where you can overlook the city, ocean, or field (depending on where you live) and take in just how small we compared to the size of the Universe. Outlook areas tend to bring calmness and peace of mind as you take a step back from the fast paced life and just enjoy the moment. It makes you realize how little control we have over certain things in life. 

       I especially feel this way on the piers at the beach when the powerful waves crash on the coastline. Knowing how powerful nature is at producing marvelous creations humbles me to always appreciate the things I have. Sometimes it's nice to let go of control for a bit and go with the flow of things without worry.


5.        Get A Check Up

       I know, I know. I hate the doctors and dentists as much as you do. But unless you want to be on twenty different medications and wearing dentures in your 30’s, I suggest you just get a quick check up and save yourself the trouble in the future.

       Prevention is key to living an active lifestyle as an older adult. The choices you make now will greatly effect your quality of life in the future. Invest in yourself and your health before you regret it.


6.      Scare Yourself

       You grow as a person by doing things that make you uncomfortable and conquering those fears. Go out and ride a roller coaster, try Escargot (Mmm snails!), or finally ask that person you’ve liked for three years out on a date. Life is too short to let fear control your experiences.

       The worst that can happen is that you find out that you hate that experience, and even then you’ve learned something new about yourself. Which leads me to my next point…


7.      Go On A Date… By Yourself

       Go to a great restaurant, buy yourself flowers, and treat yourself to a nice time. Sometimes your friends won't feel like going on a bike ride around town with you, but that shouldn't stop you from doing the activities you love. It’s important to be okay with being alone and learn to be comfortable with yourself. This is meant to remind you that you deserve greatness at all times, even if you have to give it to yourself.

       Also, analyze what thoughts you have when you're by yourself. Do you dream about your career, a certain person, a certain place? Those are little bits of your loves and passions sneaking their way out of your mind. Do you notice the little details of life you usually miss? Like the child burying their teddy bear in the sand on the playground, or the older man that reads his newspaper on the park bench every Sunday? Take a little break from the noise of social media and watch life happen around you. There's a story in everybody and, if you pay attention, you may get a sneak peak as to who they are. 


8.      Say Thank You

        Gratitude is an important quality everyone should have. Sending a quick text or write a short letter to someone who has impacted you is a great way to show your appreciation. Or if you've lost touch with someone from the past, take the opportunity and let them know how you feel.

       Everyone is going through stress as we’re trying to find balance between jobs, school, and other life challenges. So tell someone you love them and brighten their day little.


9.      Take A Vacation

       Now this one requires a little more planning and money, but it’s important to get away from your hometown once in a while. Calculate the expenses for your trip, save up some of your paychecks for a few months, and take your vacation.

       Visit a state you've never been to. Or if you want to do something more local, get a car full of friends and go on a 4 hour road trip. Wherever you go, try to find the places the locals like to go to to get the authentic feel of your vacation spot. Just have some care free fun for a couple days to take a break from your responsibilities! 


10.   Reflect…

    ...on how far you’ve come and where you want to go. It’s hard to follow your dreams if you don’t know what your dreams are. Be an expert about yourself. Know your likes and dislikes, goals and desires, and morals and values. Without this, you’ll be easily swayed and may not end up where you want in life. The only thing that’s stopping you from living your best life is you. Make sure you become a person you’re proud of.

11. Set a goal

     Focusing on the things in life that are important to you will help you live a more fulfilling life. Set a goal can make you biggest dreams more attainable and the only person who is stopping you from reaching those goals, is you. Stop waiting for some magical time to create what you want in life. Start transforming your life today!

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Can’t wait to hear how these tips work for you!