Bravado: The Origin Story


A Bit of Bravado was born in my college dorm room, because… well, don’t all good stories start there? With a cup of tea in hand, I contemplated how to I could get out of living a “normal” life. A life that felt confining, bland, and, in the simplest of terms… soul-sucking. I realized the only way to ensure that I got the lifestyle I wanted was by crafting my own path. The problem was, I was too afraid to follow it.

You see, as a child, I had a fear of being limited. Would I have enough free time to explore Europe for a month at a moment’s notice?  Could I have a career where I wore clothes that expressed who I really was instead of stiff, polyester blazers? Would I be able to afford Whole Foods groceries without a second thought? (Yes, these are the real thoughts I had at 10 years old. I had a lot of alone time as an only child… moving on.)

When I earned my psychology degree, I knew two things. One, I would never be a traditional therapist. And two, that I wanted to work with people who refused to live a mediocre life. People who believed life was full of opportunities just waiting to be taken, and that there was no one better to be than your true self.

Through my personal research, I realized the only thing stopping people from having the body, relationships, career, and lifestyle they desired was that they were not being their authentic self. They were holding themselves back in social conversations, setting endless goals but never reaching success, settling for contentment instead of aiming for a vibrant life, and allowing other’s potential judgments to dictate their life. Myself included.


I believe that, as your authentic self, you nourish your mind, body, and soul with only the best because you realize health and wellness is the key to lifelong freedom. You see mistakes as lessons instead of failures and know that imperfections make for a great story. You acknowledge the passions and curiosities within you and follow whatever adventure it may take you on. And, most importantly, you live in alignment with your core values, so you are always living a meaningful life.

I realized that the only way to reach this ideal version of yourself was to choose opportunity over fear and make the choice to stay in alignment instead of conforming to social pressure. I know this is easier said than done. Yes, you will be tempted to make excuses, call your dreams unrealistic, and stay on the safe path. However, at the end of my life, I’d rather know that I was unapologetically true to myself instead of being on my death bed and realizing that I wasted my life purpose by living a life based on other’s expectations for myself instead of my own.

In the end, I created A Bit of Bravado, which is founded in an effort to inspire others to make their lives as meaningful, powerful, and brave as possible. With only one life to live, I want to ensure that the stories you share at the end of your life is filled with adventure and pride from the memories you’ve curated. I want us to live a life without “What if’s”

Taylor HarrisonComment