Make Mistakes Now, Thank Yourself Later

When I was younger, I never failed at anything… at least not in public.

       Don’t get me wrong, I loved to show off. I used to sing in talent shows, a pageant, and act in school performances, all the things I knew that I was already pretty good at. So, when I went to a job interview and was asked, “So what is your biggest failure and how did you overcome it?” I didn’t know what to say.  


At that time, my goal in life was to perfect

       I never put my myself in a position to fail because, if I did, it would ruin the self-image I had created for myself. I answered the question as best as I could and left the interview hoping that it would never come up again. But of course it did. The question haunted me in essay prompts, college applications, and scholarship essays, but I could never find an answer for it.


As I was forced to look back through my life, all I saw was comfort

       I had never put myself out there. Never fought for something I believed in. Stood up for someone else. I couldn’t even get up the nerve to ask a guy to the Sadies Hawkins dance because I was afraid of rejection. Why? Because I was stuck in my comfort zone. A zone full of plush Target blankets, endless Netflix, and peppermint tea. But in this place, I never grew. My life was stagnant, stale, and predictable.

       When I looked at other’s lives around me, I saw their desire to go for what they wanted in life. They were starting their own businesses, creating brands, or just following a passion that had lit a fire within them. They were creating the life they wanted and not letting their age or circumstances get in the way of their dreams.

       And where was I? Still huddled in my damn Target blanket.

       I reevaluated the image of perfection and how it made me too scared to take a chance on anything, including myself. The fear had paralyzed me to the point that I was doing nothing productive with the talent I had within me. I’ve realized that it is not only okay to fail, but it’s actually necessary. Without failure, you’re never going to know how to pick yourself up. You’ll expect someone to save you when times get tough, or, be like me, and just wait for life to sort itself out on its own (Newsflash: it doesn’t work like that).


You already have all the Passion you need to create the life you want

       All you have to do is tap into it. Research the things you’re curious about, ask questions, and finally plan the activities you’ve been wanting to do. It will be uncomfortable and frustrating, as you are putting yourself into situations you’re not accustom to. But in the end, you’ll be a be much happier looking back at what you accomplished in life.

       The only person that is stopping you from creating your dreams is you. It’s time to get out of your own way. Harness you fear and use it to power your passions. When I decided I needed a change in my life, I didn’t know where to start. I’ve gathered all my resources and now I’m ready to share my tips to help you get on the right path today!


Take a Vow to Have the Most Uncomfortable Year of Your Life

      Trust me, I know that what I’m asking is not easy. But if you prepare your mind for the fact that things are going to get a little rough as you are transforming your life, it makes it easier to handle the discomfort. Sit with the feeling of being uncomfortable. Recognize your state of nervousness, anxiousness, or fear. Then analyze why you feel that way. Are those feelings fueled by a fear of rejection, failure, not being good enough, or seeming imperfect? Once you find the root of your fear, you can then find a way to deconstruct the power it has over you. 

Starting today, decide that you are going to do everything that makes you uncomfortable. From taking the stairs instead of the elevator, making plans first instead of waiting for someone else to do it, or switching to a totally different career path that you’re passionate about. Just go for it! These may seem like small exercises to conquering fear, but the steps are meant to build up your sense of control so you can ultimately reign in your fears. 

To help you start your journey...

I've created a list of 14 challenges to complete in order to help you get out of your comfort zone. Don't worry, I'm not asking you to give a speech in front of hundreds of people. This list was created so you can easily incorporate these challenges into to your daily life. Take the first step to grow your self confidence by downloading the list! I can't wait to see how it with change your life.

You don't have to do this alone. Tell a trusted friend about the challenge and push each other complete the list. This way, you have a positive partner to keep you accountable and can still see your personal growth. Make the decision today to take a chance on yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and create a fulfilling life.