How to Create Your Ideal Morning Routine


You’ve heard it all before.

“All successful people wake up by 4:30 a.m. and do a spin class for at least 2 hours”

“Your phone is controlling your life if you look at it first thing in the morning”

“you must write 5 morning pages as soon as you wake up in order to connect to yourself”

A morning routine has gone from being a personal and meaningful experience to a vague to-do list of musts and shoulds that just leave you feeling overwhelmed. (because sometimes, you just don’t feel like writing those morning pages… and you shouldn’t feel bad about it)

Don’t get me wrong, all of the above statements have some truth in them, but I don’t believe that you must copy that standard “successful” morning routine that others are doing because success looks different for every individual. 

Creating a personalized morning ritual will leave you feeling more fulfilled and intentional for the rest of your day. To help you with this process here are 5 questions you can ask yourself as you make your own routine.

1.       What is the goal of your morning?

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a strong believer in goal setting, and that includes setting goals for your morning as well. If you do not set an intention for your morning, you will feel lost, disorganized, and overwhelmed, which may follow you for the rest of your day. Its best to analyze your core values and then choose the goal of your morning routine. Figure out how you want to feel by the end of your routine and work backward from there.

2.       What time will your day begin?

Consider the tasks you must complete, the activities you want to enjoy, and the ideal pace of your morning and then decide what would be the best time for you to begin your day. Will you listen to the age-old advice of beauty rest and sleep in, or will you be awake for the sun has risen? 

3.       What will be your first activity?

Do you want to begin your day by activating your muscles in a Pilates class or with an hour of heart-pounding cardio? Or are you do desires a slow, introspective start, with journaling, meditation, or reading? I personally need a kickstart for my day and use weight training as my source of morning motivation.

4.       What will make your morning feel complete?

For some, its that first sip of coffee at the kitchen table and for others, it’s listening to a podcast of their favorite motivational speaker. Whatever it may be, choose at least 3 activities that would make your morning feel successful and will help you fulfill your morning goal.

5.       What would make your mornings more productive?

The secret to a productive morning is a proactive night. Simple tasks, like picking out tomorrow’s outfit, prepping your lunch or setting your purse and other essentials by the door so you won’t forget anything can make your morning worry-free.

If you want more guidance into creating your ideal morning routine, download the Ideal Morning Workbook to go deeper into your morning rituals. With insightful questions, a list of morning activity ideas, and templates to create your own routine, this workbook can get you closer to having a meaningful morning that is based on your own goals and desires. Stop mindless adopting other people’s habits and intentionally choose ones that were meant specifically for you. Designing a custom routine that meets your personal needs each day will leave you feeling happier and more excited to start the day, get started with your ideal morning routine now.

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