How to be a Modern-Day Badass


Leather jackets


Rock and Roll music

Those are the first things that comes to mind when I think of a classic badass. The rebels who decided to go against the norm with their clothing, music, and lifestyle. Making themselves outcasts to society, but still shaping an entire generation for years to come.

But in today’s world, simply wearing a leather jacket no longer fits the mold of what a modern day badass would be.

Now, a badass is someone who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and will find a way to overcome any and every obstacle. It is someone who takes the high road and knows when to admit when they’re wrong, even when they don’t feel like it. They are passionate, self-made people who decided that they were not going to accept living an ordinary life.  

So, in my typical ‘investigative’ fashion, I studied them. Their actions, reactions, and the things that are important to them. And now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned with you, so you too can also reach and even surpass their level of success.


They Aren’t Fearless

No seriously, they’re not.

A badass isn’t some special species that is completely immune to fear (though that would be pretty cool). They’re just people who decided that they’re not going to base their life decisions on something that “could” happen. They ignore the “what if’s” and “I’m not sure’s” of life.


Instead they focus on what would happen if they did take a chance on themselves, remembering that the irrational fears they may dream up will probably never happen.

The hardest part about making a change in your life is motivating yourself to make the actual change. Why? Because motivation requires conscious awareness of you desired end result.

For example, a fitness trainer workouts our their sore muscles multiple times a day to get the end result of becoming stronger. An artist can paint hundreds of paintings that no one may ever see just to perfect one technique.

At some point and time, these people probably felt like they weren’t capable of accomplishing something big and life changing. Negative thoughts may have run through their mind, that someone else is better than them, that they’re gonna be made fun of, or that no will believe in them. But they shook off those feelings of fear and self-doubt and replaced them with a laser sharp focus on their goals. Making all other negative possibilities completely irrelevant.

 And all that was possible because the success of reaching their desired end results was enough motivation to get through their fears.  


Push Yourself to Your Limits

The comfort zone. A wonderful place where excuses live and everything is cozy, predictable and familiar.

Badasses repel this zone like the plague.


In the eyes of powerful people, Comfort equals Stagnation. And once they stop growing, so does their success.

So, how do you get out of this comfort zone? By doing the exact opposite of what are you doing.

Want a job in a competitive field? Spend your lunch breaks calling businesses for open internships instead of scrolling through Twitter. Want to be fit, but don’t have time? Wake up at 5 a.m. and jog laps around your neighborhood. Want to get your own place? Get a second job, save up for a year and live as frugal as possible. Get the idea?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get the things you want out of life.

No excuses.

No complaining.

Only forward-thinking actions that will get you were you need to go.

Badasses find a way to make their dreams a reality and will do whatever it takes to reach that goal, even if it gets uncomfortable at times. So, instead of complaining about something you want, get up and make it happen.


Don’t Get Placed in a Box

Don’t live in the shadows of your glory days. It’s great that you were the high school cheerleading captain two years in a row. But in your 3rd year of college, that shouldn’t be your go-to accomplishment anymore.

What are you working on now that is making a difference in this world? Volunteering? Starting your own business? You should always be doing something to better yourself. Which leads me to another point.


Be good at many things, but learn them one at a time.

If you’re interested in the music industry, it’s good to know song writing and vocal training. But go a step further and learn how to produce music or play an instrument. The most successful people know how to do more than one thing very well.

It makes you easily marketable for multiple job opportunities and you will be less reliant on outside resources because you’ll be able to take care of things for yourself.


Be Vulnerable

Yes, I said vulnerable.

Not the ‘crying your eyes out to your barista in the morning’ kind of vulnerability, but being open to sharing your experiences and what’s important to you.

See an injustice taking place? Do something about. Notice someone awkwardly alone at a party? Invite them to sit with you.

Whatever you’re passionate about, let people know about it.

Hiding your talents or interests is stopping a cycle that could change someone’s life or spark an interest in someone else.

Yes, you may be judged or told that your passions aren’t important. But if you are that easily turned away from your passions because of negative comments, then it’s not meant for you anyways.

People can be cruel, but they can also kind. Open up and find an encouraging tribe to support you in your passions.


Don’t Compromise on Your Goals

What kind of life do you want to live in the future? Want a condo in the city? Visit 5 different countries a year? Be the CEO of your own company? Your dreams should be limitless, but your determination must be also.

Are you starting to feel like it’s all out of reach or impossible to obtain?

Here’s the deal.

If you believe it’s impossible, you are correct. If you believe it’s possible, you are also correct.

Basically, your entire destiny and how far you will go in this life, all depends on how you choose to look at the situations you’re facing. It’s that simple.

Simple, not easy.

If this mindset were easy we’d all be multimillionaires right now, relaxing poolside drinking martinis to our hearts content. But unfortunately, that is not the case.

So how do we keep this iron clad mindset defended against our own self-doubts?

The Bridge eBook (1).jpg

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