Documenting the Journey

This is my beginning. I am marking this post as an official page flip into a new era of my life. A braver, less self judgmental, and open chapter. I don't know what will be written but I'm ready to create my story.

I haven't written on this blog for a multitude of reasons. I'm scared of being judged, having my passion laughed at or criticized, turning out to be a bad writer, repeating ideas people have heard millions of times, and maybe for being potentially too honest on the world wide web. But I realized that none of those excuses matter.

If I have something on my heart, it's my job to put that out into the world. I can't control people's options about my work, nor is it my job to try to gain their approval. It is my job to show up in this world as my authentic and vulnerable self so my gift can touch those who need it. Creating the life I want will require me to fail more times than I succeed. All of my life I've resisted failing and seen it as a negative thing. I even promised myself in middle school to always and only aim for perfection... obviously that didn't work out. I talked to my friend about this idea of failing and realized there were very few notable times that I have failed. Not because I was 'that good' but because I never tried out for anything I knew I wouldn't succeed at. I never realized how much lack of open failure would hinder me now.

So with this new chapter, I am dedicated to fail. Frequently and consistently. Because failing means I'm trying, and trying means I'm learning, and if I'm learning, I van only get better. I am nervous, excited, curious, and empowered and grateful to no longer paralyzed by my own fears. I can't wait to see where this journey will lead to and, most importantly, thank you for being apart of it.

Taylor HarrisonComment