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Can you do something for me? It will only take 10 seconds, I promise!

I want you to close your eyes and imagine at least three of the most confident people you know… Got it? Now open your eyes!

What makes those three people so memorable? Was it their magnetizing personality? Their ability to manifest their dreams into a fulfilling life? Or maybe it was their inspiring passion for what they love.

Here’s the thing, if you didn’t include yourself as one of those top three powerful people…. we have a problem.

What are you waiting for?

No, seriously. What are you waiting for? For Friday, the perfect opportunity, for the moment when you finally feel ready, or life to give you a sign on the next path you’re supposed to take?

Because if you’re thinking that… well I did too.

Trust me.. I get it

I used to be just like you. I didn’t know what I was passionate about, had very little confidence in myself, and I couldn’t figure out what to do with my life.

I felt overwhelmed and lost on where to go next. With early college graduation ahead of me but having no idea what to do with my degree, I was on the fast track of life, going nowhere.

I used to think that I had to go the “normal” route of life. Go to college, get a job, work until retirement… and then have fun with whatever time I had left. But I’ve come to realize, I got it wrong.

Who says we should wait until were old to take that trip to Europe, move to a completely different country, live out of a trailer for a year and travel across the country, learn a different language, publish that book you’ve always wanted to write, or follow a passion you’ve been afraid to share

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As millennials, we don’t think about death very often, I mean were young… why would we? But, if you died tomorrow, what would you regret not doing? When we leave this Earth one day, it should only be with memories, not dreams.

You have the time, money, and resources to go on the off-beaten path and live an extraordinary, nonconventional lifestyle, and I want to show you how.

This isn’t your typical self-help site

No, you won’t find a guru that’s going to give you the secret to have Beyoncé-level confidence overnight. And I won’t tell you I’m perfect and never make any mistakes.

But I will guide you to find your true passion and give you a new meaning to your life.

And I’ll help you find a way to blend your career with your passion to live your life doing a job you love.

I’ll even help you build a lifestyle that is aligned to your unique values and beliefs so you can life authentically.

Now I know what you’re thinking

For those who are still a little skeptical, I made a list of the top three excuses you’re probably telling yourself right now

1.    I’m young and broke. I can’t afford to take a risk on losing a safe, stable future for myself.

You’re absolutely right. We should be focused on creating a future for ourselves. But what good is living a stable life if you hate what you do every day. Is having a stable income really worth putting aside your dreams? And who ever said you couldn’t make a steady income doing a job you actually love?

2.    I’m not good at anything, I’ve never been good at anything

Everyone is good at something. You just have to figure out what that talent is and how you can shape your life around your passion. New experience and interactions can help discover what’s already within you. I’ve already created a resource that will pin point your hidden talents.

3.    I’ve already tried to live out my passion and failed. I’m never going to be successful

I’m not going to give you the whole speech about Thomas Edison and how it took him X amount of times to finally invent a good light bulb. You already know that success doesn’t always happen on the first try. You’ve just lost faith in yourself and your abilities. I did at one point too, its natural. But I’m going to show you how to move past your doubts to live life on your own terms.


And who am I?

I’m Taylor Harrison and I want to help people live life as authentically as possible. I’ve combined my passion for psychology, writing, helping others, and adventure to create this blog, A Bit of Bravado, which is a motivational resource dedicated to encouraging young adults to stop waiting to make their dreams a reality and be brave enough to take a chance on themselves to follow their passions.

The truth is, I’m still figuring all of this out. But I believe having a community of successful, passion driven people will help us all reach our goals a lot quicker. So I’m sharing what I’ve learned through this process so you can avoid the roadblocks that held me back.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t live the life of your dreams right now.

Its time to throw away society’s rule book and live a life designed by you.

The only person holding you back is you.

So, I’ll ask again. What are you waiting for?


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