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live a life without "What if's"

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Discover in depth methods to finding what you really want from your goal, reveal your real "Why", and a clever way to make you addicted to your habits.



Define your purpose.

make a plan.


rinse & repeat.


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the Story


I'm Taylor, 

a los angeles native, Psychology graduate, and lifestyle blogger

I created A Bit of Bravado as a way to share my love for self improvement, holistic wellness, and living in alignment. I believe that having complete life fulfillment starts with finding your authentic identity.

Once you find who you really are, you'll be able to eliminate self doubt, and instead focus on building a life with meaning, adventure, and confidence.

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You write your life story by the choices you make everyday - Helen Mirren (1).jpg

Discover your

Life purpose

Quickly identify what brings you meaning with these simple, on depth questions

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FRee ideal morning

routine workbook

Create a natural Morning Routine that will make you jump out of bed

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Focus your busy schedule

Grab this minimalist planner to organize your daily life with ease



What does Bravado mean?

The willingness to step into a role, despite feelings of fear


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